#GoodFood: Chiles Hueros Rellenos

So this is  the first installment of my attempt at recipes… in Spanish.

Entonces, para empezar cualquier receta se nesecita los ingredientes, que son:

15 Chiles Hueros,

1 libra (como medio kilo) de camarones

1/2 taza de salsa soya

1/2 barra de mantequilla

1 cebolla

1 diente de ajo

1/2 limon


Entonces es bien facil hacer este dish. Empieze lavando los chiles y por cortarlos en forma de “T”, sin abrirlos por completo.

En "T", like so..

Quite las semillas de los chiles y get rid de las semillas. iTirelas! Cuando hayas terminado, parte la mitad de una cebolla, bien, pero bien picadita. Luego, agarre los camarones, si tienen cascara, quitela y corte los camarones en piezas mas chicas. Corte el diente de ajo bien fino. Agarre la cebolla picada, el ajo, y los camarones y mezclelo juntos.

Asi mero

Ahora, metanlos a los chiles.

Like so.

En un sarten, en fuego alto, ponga la mitad de la barra de mantequilla para que se derrita. Luego, parta la otra mitad de la cebolla en julianass, y echesela al sarten con mantequilla.

Stir it...

Ya que se derrita la mantequilla y se cocine tantito la cebolla, ponga los chiles en el sarten. Espere un rato, hasta que se coninen bien los chiles de un lado, volteelos y echele la salsa soya. Ya que esten blanditos y listos, esprima el limon, y listo, ya tiene sus chiles hueros rellenos

Cuando esten blanditos los chiles, iya estan listos!

Sirvalos con un side de arroz blanco (ique es bien facil para hacer!)

Arroz Blanco

Gracias a mi madre por haver hecho la comida.

make sure to share with folks, and after your attempt, post some pictures up of how it went! Next Installment: Green Pasta! Stay tuned…

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Indy Music: Gerardo Ruiz-Tovar

You can hear the the sound of Gerardo’s fingers sliding up and down the Ukulele as he sits down with me for the interview. He is nervous, and strums it every once in a while. Gerardo Ruiz-Tovar is a musician residing in Indianapolis, Indiana, and plays drums in two bands, Trip N Balls and Indianapolis Forever. Both bands sound very different from each other, but it’s always about the music says Gerardo, “We never get paid to play, we do it for the music.” That’s why you always see them play at local shows around the town of Indianapolis.

Gerardo came to the U.S. at the age of 14. After some tough economic times in his hometown of Tala, Jalisco, Mexico, his family decided to move north. They owned a stationary store, and business was not as strong as previous years. Because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Mexico and the U.S now share a strong economic tie; 89% of Mexico’s exports are sent to the U.S.. In this export based economy, it is difficult for businesses that rely on local cash flow. Most of the money is being handled by multi-national corporations, whose money flows without taxation in and out of Mexico. The close ties to the U.S. also means that if U.S. economy is a bind, so is the Mexican economy. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the U.S. economy went into a recession and brought Mexico’s down right with it. It was a mixture of economic and social pressures that forced Gerardo’s family to move to the U.S.

To finish reading, follow the link! http://www.thehue.us/?p=151

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Latino Youth Slam!

So the Latino Youth Slam is coming up this Friday. It’s going to be pretty dope. There is going to be an after party, two blocks from where the slam is going to be hosted. So yeah, you should go!

Latino Youth Slam July 22nd!
July 8, 2011 Media Contact:
Claudia Montes-Salinas

Latino Youth Collective hosts 5th Latino Youth Slam

The Latino Youth Collective will the hosting the Latino Youth Slam: Coming Out of the Shadows, Friday July 22 at the Write-On the Poetry Spot, 3326 Clifton St. Indianapolis, IN, 46208 from 7pm-9pm. Latino youth who will be affected by SB590 and HB1402 are encouraged to apply to participate in the slam.

SB590 makes it almost impossible for undocumented students to get a job and pay for college. HB1402 prohibits undocumented students to pay instate tuition at Indiana colleges and universities, even though they have lived most of their lives in the state of Indiana and have graduated from high school.

“We want to create other ways for Latinos to express themselves. There are not enough spaces for these types of activities,” says Marco Vinicio Galaviz, organizer of the Latino Youth Slam. “We want them to use this type of medium, spoken-word and testimonio-like performance.”

Winners from previous slams include Cuban-American, Eva Aurelia Gray, Sammary Martinez from Zacatecas Mexico, RanJan Pritt from India, and African-American Rehema McNeil. All previous winners have won a prize of $100.00.

Sammary Martinez, a recent high school graduate had never been approached to do slams, and since first approached by Latino Youth Slam organizers, has participated in all of the previous ones. Being active in poetry slams made her realize she has a passion for the arts, and she has participated in plays in her high school.

“Being in poetry slams has made me believe more in myself that my stuff can be good enough and has pushed me to continue writing,” says Sammary, former winner of the Latino Youth Slam.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the Latino Youth Slam, the prize for the winner will be $500.00. In order to participate, poets must register online, at http://goo.gl/yt5IH. There will only be 10 spots open.

To donate to the scholarship fund go to http://goo.gl/2GWoI

For more information about the Latino Youth Slam or the Latino Youth Collective, visit latinoyouthcollective.com or email info@latinoyouthcollective​.com.


Slam Rules Across the Board!

Rule 1- Poems may be no longer than 3 minutes. The time starts as soon as the first word out of your mouth is said.

Rule 2- You must have 2 pieces ready, this is because there are two rounds, (This is modified, a real slam usually has 3 rounds, but to make it easier on us, we made it to 2 rounds) the best 3 pieces from the first round move on to the 2nd round.

Rule 3- In case of a tie in the 2nd round, poets have 3 minutes to prepare a Haiku. A Haiku is a poem that contains 3 lines, and breaks down like this:

Line 1- 5 syllables
Line 2- 7 syllables
Line 3- 5 syllables

Rule 4- Judges are selected at random. And like in the Olympics, the highest and lowest scores are dropped from the total score. This is to stop your homeboys and homegirls from hating on you and to stop your lover from giving you a good score just because they love you. The top 3 poets from the first round move on to the second round.

Rule 5- Audience, influence the judges. Judges don’t get influenced by the audience.

If you want to donate for the scholarship prize given to the slam winner, please make sure to click the link!


If you want to apply to the poetry slam, make sure to apply!


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Valley Music: Jesus Galaviz

It was in a small bedroom of a high school student where Jesus Galaviz recorded his EP, “Desempleado” in 2010. Jesus had been recently fired from his job as a welder for an agricultural company on the Eastern Coachella Valley. He had been working there for five years, after moving from Los Angeles where he had previously lived. Jesus was unsure of recording his music, after all, he had only been playing music for his own enjoyment and those around him, as he had been doing for years.

Born and raised in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico on October of 1954, Jesus was born one year into the Cuban Revolution, just as it was beginning to get traction and support from the people, not just in Cuba, but around the world. It was actually Mexico, just a couple years before, that housed the exiled leaders of the revolution, such as the now famous Ernesto “Che’ Guevera. In what was one of the greatest fights for land, work and equality for all, it was an exciting time to be growing up, and Jesus was born just as all this was unfolding. A lot of the music influences of that time are present in much of the musical sound of Jesus.

Read the entire article by following the link!


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Free Food, Free Trade: Is Free Better Than Nothing?

I made this film my senior year in high school. It deals with two very different, yet very similar issues: cafeteria food and field work. It’s kinda crazy, but when you think about it, the argument for both are the same; since we have nothing else, why should we complain about the few things that we have? We have work, we have food. Yet this argument negates us of other ways to live our lives, negates us of the word “community” and worst of all, it strips away our dignity for the sake of being alive.

We often feel that the life we have is the life that always has been. That somehow, things are the way they are for a reason and that we shouldn’t question such things as terrible food and jobs. We often hear “Back when I was in school, we didn’t have free lunch, you should be glad you’re getting something.” It is used every time we question our food. This way of thinking also permeates into our daily lives. We feel that because we are living in the U.S. and have a roof, some food and are alive, that we should be content. Why do we need to question things when there is blood pumping through our vains? Como dice el dicho, “pobre, pero vivo…” It has come down to a point where we are enduring so much suffering and trauma that the mere fact that we are still breathing is enough for us to be “happy”.

This is wrong.

Not only that, but such ways of thinking limit us as a collective. We begin to fend for ourselves. Others become our enemies, our opponents, our competition. The distinction between “us” and “them” includes our neighbors. Those with jobs are the “lucky ones”. It is hammered into our heads that we should only worry about ourselves. In doing so, we negate our power we have to come together. Because we are so concerned over what little we have, we refuse to meet, to talk to one another, all because we should be glad we are “OK”.

Only once we begin to understand that we can change how we can relate to one another and that we shouldn’t be content with whatever scraps we have, only then can begin to change our lives. If  they don’t give us what we want, we make it so that we make what we want.

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La Music of Indianapolis: Trip N Balls

So Trip N Balls has to be my favorite local band from Indy. And they are all really cool people, plus Gerardo, is a really good friend. If you can, share the music with your friends. Gera is playing the drums. Enjoy “Angry Birds” by Trip N Balls!

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I have decided to stop telling people where I am at all the time. I wasn’t just feeling it. Sorry if you enjoyed whatever readings I posted… Umm… Sorry?

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Social Media Splurge: Day 8

Day 8 was fun. And it had nothing with using foursquare, just the entire day was filled with things and places to go. It almost felt like foursquare was crippling me. (“Hold up, let me check-in!” Those kinds of things…)

A mo'fo' badge used in the system! The "Crunked" badge.

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Social Media Splurge: Day 6 & 7

So I have slacked it a bit, but yeah, Day six and seven were OK days, something interesting actually happened…

Got a photo...

I was all over the place these past two days, I was over at the Indiana Interchurch Center, making sure the space we had was good for our parent orientation. It was pretty legit. Then, we went to La Parada restaurant, and looks like I checked in twice, well that’s because I have another app linked to foursquare, called Foodspotting, and it allows you to take photos of food and upload them for others to see. So that’s why there are two check-ins.

What tripped me out though, was that there were other foursquare users, at La Parada of all places, while I was there. It really tripped me out! I know that’s the whole purpose of foursquare, to see those around you, but I couldn’t feel a little freaked out I knew the name of the people, where they frequent and who they are with. It really made me wonder what the whole purpose of me doing this was really. Something that the app is supposed to do, made me feel really strange. I don’t know if we are ready to start giving up so much information up willingly.

It was really, really, strange.

Day seven was less interesting, I just drove around Indianapolis, helping people take care of some errands they had. The first stop was Key Bank, lame! Then to go pick up a friend from her work, she can’t drive because of reasons I cannot disclose (she knows who she is!). And it really wasn’t interesting, in both places I stayed in the car, so if there was people, I wouldn’t be able to freak out.

Have fun tracking my every move!

and remember to use the hashtag #socialmediasplurge!

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Social Media Splurge: Dia Five

I had one check-in, to a local shop, Nosey’s to be exact, that wasn’t on foursquare.

It was a lame day for my poor foursquare account!

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